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It is difficult to disagree that dancing is one of the most enjoyable activities that can exist. Feeling the rhythm and letting yourself be carried away by the movements are an expression of freedom and, at the same time, connection with your emotions and instincts. No wonder this art is always linked to moments of celebration and joy. But much more than that, dance can also be an ally of physical health.

Dancing is the best alternative to burn calories with relaxation, without falling into the repetitiveness common in other activities. “That’s why those who dance often don’t even feel the passing of time. The classes always mix aerobic exercises with animated music, regardless of the rhythm chosen”.

The benefits are as wide as possible. Physically, dance improves motor coordination, balance and agility and works with limbs such as thighs, buttocks, legs, abdomen and arms.

In relation to emotional health, the sensation of well-being during the practice of exercise causes the release of endorphins, which improves mood and self-esteem. “Many times, already in the first class, we notice how the students come out different, happier and happier”.

And there is no shortage of style options: the challenge is to identify the one that best suits your personality. Check out some of the most practiced in the gyms and choose yours:

Belly dancing

Seen as an art that explores sensuality, belly dancing is an ancient art that goes beyond this image. This is a complete exercise that works on all parts of the body, such as the hip, upper limbs and shoulders. The practice has a high calorie burn, defines and stiffens the muscles, improves flexibility and increases physical endurance.

The belly dancing teacher Gabriela Nogueira, artistically known as Mahaila El Helwa, points out other benefits that the classes give the practitioner: “The modality brings psychological benefits, since it raises self-esteem, by working femininity. The dance is still responsible for increasing the production of endorphin [the hormone of pleasure], avoiding problems of stress, anxiety and depression.

The professional guarantees that there is even an improvement of the digestive system, which helps to reduce problems such as menstrual cramps.

Pole dance

Another sport that has always been linked to female sensuality and that, in recent times, has gained fitness status. According to teacher Olinda Nascimento, Pole Dance incorporates Olympic gymnastics movements, free movements, ballet and contemporary dance, including static and moving positions. “With this, the practitioner develops strength in the upper and lower limbs of the body.

In the back and abdomen and tones all the muscles of the body using himself as resistance”. There is an intense caloric expenditure and the results are arms, abdomen, legs and turned buttocks, besides an improvement in physical conditioning. The movements still work the confidence of the practitioner, who feels more free with high self-esteem.

Afro Vibe

Although the inspiration for this dance is the musical rhythms of African countries such as Angola and Ivory Coast, the dance emerged in the suburbs of Paris. The modality aims to combine the movements of kuduro with squats and fitness movements, which makes all the muscles of the body work, especially legs and abdomen.

For two months, the teacher gives a choreography that the students must reproduce, which promotes various stimuli and results in up to 700 calories eliminated in an hour of class.


One of the most sought after modalities in Brazilian academies by those who want to burn calories, Zumba is inspired by Latin choreography. The rhythm is superenergized and works the arms, legs and buttocks.

The combination of aerobic gymnastics and dance improves physical conditioning, motor coordination and heart rate, combats fluid retention and increases flexibility. Although it is an intense activity, it can be practiced by people of all ages and is a way to relieve stress, socialize and be more cheerful.

Ballet Fitness

This mode combines the Classic Ballet with fitness movements, working with the weight of the body itself. The rhythm helps to burn calories, increase fat oxidation, improve posture, stretch muscles, among other benefits.

In addition to Ballet Fitness, there is also the Balletball modality, which combines the practice of Classic Ballet with the Swiss ball, working flexibility, coordination, strength and posture.

Hip hop

A musical genre marked by lively beats and intense movements, hip hop is one of the styles that most influences pop music today.

In class, the teacher teaches choreographies composed of fluid movements, a characteristic of urban dances, and the results include: increased energy level and endurance, building muscle tone, increased metabolism (which results in weight loss), in addition to being an intense cardiorespiratory exercise.


This is a modality indicated for those who do not resist the choreographies exhibited by pop divas in shows and music videos. The classes ensure the burning of many calories by mixing musical genres such as rock, pop, salsa, jazz, disco and hip-hop with elaborate steps, activities in groups and a relaxed environment, which provides much interaction, which is great for shy people.