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Latin dance shoes have become an almost indispensable accessory to these rhythms. For that reason, it is very common to see bachata, salsa or kizomba dancers with special footwear that helps them move around more easily.

If you are a dance lover and want to start dancing the various genres of Latin music by demonstrating your skills, then not only do you need to practice to be able to dazzle at your social dance party, you must also look as good as your movements.

Fortunately for you, wearing dance shoes while you move will not only give you a more eye-catching look, since this shoe is not only based on design, but will also give you ease of movement and allow you to dance more fluidly. By making them your companions every step of the way, you’ll be able to develop new skills faster and enjoy all the benefits this shoe brings.

Why is it necessary to wear Latin dancing shoes?

Both men and women wear special shoes when dancing, however, it is the dancers who need to practice more with them before they can perform on the dance floor with complete confidence.

The reason this is so is because women, in most Latin rhythms, wear heels, while men’s dance moccasins are not usually very different from normal slippers in size and height.

Getting used to the height of the heel, for example, the material, the grip and, besides that, developing a good balance can take time. Therefore, wearing Latin dance shoes from the beginning of dance classes has its benefits.

Get used to using them and it depends on them:

The most important reason why you should wear high dance shoes from the first moment is because of habit. No matter how good you are at doing something with your right hand, if you are asked to do it with your left hand, your performance will be lower. The same goes for shoes.

Even if sneakers give you more comfort at the beginning, they won’t be preparing you for the moment when you have to dance in heels and, when you wear them, your stability will be different and it will be easy for you to fall.

Show fluid movements:

Latin dance shoes are quite light, so when you wear them, all your movements will be fluid. If you already control your balance very well, the steps will look quite natural. Without excessive effort and, above all, without any insecurity.

Make the best turns:

Shoes usually have rubber soles. However, salsa shoes or any other Latin American musical genre are usually made of leather or other materials that offer an optimal glide on the track.
If you force the movement in an abrupt way with a shoe with more grip, then not only are you prone to fall, but it is also possible to suffer from a sprain or fracture when making a bad move.

Elegance like never before:

One of the most eye-catching things about professional ballroom dancing are the dancers’ outfits. These, most of the time, are dressed in shiny fabrics or sequined decorations, and their shoes are of the same quality.

Minimize sweating:

Something quite uncomfortable when exercising is excessive perspiration and accumulation of sweat. Women’s dance shoes are often open at the front. This makes the breathability optimal and, in turn, allows bad smells not to concentrate and the foot to be firmer on the inner sole.

Have a secure grip:

Don’t risk falling because your foot moves inside your pair of women’s shoes. Before buying cheap dance shoes, it’s best to buy the safest pair for you.

Flexion without inconvenience:

The soles of dance shoes stand out for their flexibility. Instead of limiting your movement and being rigid, the shoe “moves with you”. That is, it adapts to the way you move your foot, regardless of whether you flex or stretch it.

Leave your luggage behind:

Being accustomed to dancing the most difficult routines in high shoes will allow you to move around all night with your heels at the party, without the need to wear extra slippers to help with fatigue.

Buying a good quality pair will allow you to do all this and more. At the end of your class or your social dance you’ll notice that your feet won’t be so worn out, that they won’t have sweated much and that your movements were more fluid. Make Latin dance shoes an essential part of your dance routine and you’ll see the difference in the results.