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Dancing has been considered in recent decades, one of the most prestigious sports activities.

In spite of being carried out mostly as recreation or undoing, dancing has always been a medium that the human being travels through in countless opportunities and sometimes, for reasons that seem to have nothing to do with it.

We know that unlike the rest of the dances, the ballroom dance takes place in pairs in a closed environment or ballroom, in group or private and that it conglomerates a quantity of rhythms and slopes coming from all over the world.

Each style of ballroom dance is characterised by its technique, music and history. Some are practiced more for exhibitions and competitions and others are danced for fun.
Whether to court or impress our partner, to get out of the routine, have a good time or forget a big problem, resorting to ballroom dancing has more benefits than you can imagine.

And if you think that you are too old to learn to dance, that you are no longer fit for that walk or on the contrary you believe that ballroom dances are old people’s things, or if you simply consider that you have two left feet and that has no solution, today I come to show you all of what you have been missing by simple prejudices.

Moving the body is something almost every doctor prescribes at some point. If you lie in bed all day, unmotivated and sad, your body won’t be the most energetic of all.

Dance is a means of physical expression, but it is also one of the most popular activities among retirees due to how quickly it recovers the physical capacity of its practitioners.

For children because it helps to keep their amount of energy regulated. And for adults as a means of socialization is also excellent.

So, here I bring you just some of the benefits that you can enjoy with the practice of this art so fun and that, unlike killing yourself looking for the same results in different ways, you get distracted, you dance and they arrive:

  • It strengthens the muscular system, mainly in the legs and hips and, depending on the dance, also the arms.
    Increases flexibility and endurance. Although the songs do not last 10 minutes, to keep dancing an entire song is not a matter of a day of practice. Your heart and muscles improve in endurance as you practice. And depending on the dance you choose your flexibility
  • Improve coordination and balance, preventing falls of older people. Nod your head in agreement. We are so accustomed to making the same patterns of movement whenever coming out of them confuses us, tide and sometimes grave.
  • Prevent osteoporosis in older adults, while correcting the posture.
  • Keep your weight in line. Burning fats and keeping you moving prevents overweight and keeps your system active all the time, as well as marking your figure.
  • Control blood pressure.
  • Relieves joint pain generated by the aestheticity of the limbs, keeping you in a position all day creates a tourniquet in all joints involved, generating pain and wear.
  • It keeps our brain awake and prevents cognitive decline.
  • It benefits our cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • Prevents back pain.
  • Burns calories.
  • Eliminates sedentary life.
  • It improves the corporal capacities.
  • Due to the blood stimulation it generates, your skin will acquire a new shine.
  • It contributes to a good bone formation in the smallest ones. It is one of the sports used as rehabilitation for Parkinson’s disease.
  • It has special benefits for Alzheimer’s patients.
  • It reduces the stress of routine, in fact it gives you the ability to improvise on the go and the motivation to keep trying new things all the time.
  • Following the rhythm with the body respecting the tempo and doing everything possible to maintain the attractiveness of the figures you mark, activates your reptilian brain, helps you react and gives you agility and speed both physically and mentally, both in the dance and in your day to day.
  • The collateral damage of stress usually goes away as you dance. Acne, hair loss and dandruff are generated mainly by the mental tension that we continue to accumulate. When you dance, you release yourself and stress and everything that follows disappears over time.

And if that’s not enough, it fills you with energy and vitality.

Ballroom dancing seems like child’s play, but it’s not until we enter the first class that we realize the sport we were involved in.

No matter how old you are, start calmly. There’s nothing more embarrassing than getting to the first class with athlete self-esteem and feeling like your soul is gone by the fifth grade.

In addition to all this, ballroom dancing upsets our senses and speeds up our hearts, which indirectly contributes to the acceleration of the metabolism in an important way.

In other words, dance and prepare yourself for a defined and healthy body.