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Video can be pricey products. It hurts investing thirty, fifty or perhaps a hundred grand of your hard-earned cash on something you – essentially – give away totally free!

It can be really alluring to conserve some money by shooting your own songs video. I indicate, video cameras come on cellular phone nowadays, and HDTV is ending up being cheaper. Electronic cameras are anywhere. They’re ubiquitous. As well as, deep down, everybody actually fantasizes themselves a director – sorry, an auteur, don’t they? …

So, should you consider going it alone and firing your own video?

The short answer: NO.

Supervisors, producers, cinematographers and also manufacturing developers are all craftsmens. It takes years of research as well as job experience to become a good film-maker. You wouldn’t leave your cd format to some person you passed on the street, would you? So why even consider doing something as vital as your very first video all on your own? It may resemble basic job, yet think me, creating and also routing ain’t very easy!

Can you tell the difference between a lower budget plan independent movie and also a Hollywood summertime blockbuster? Naturally you can! That’s exactly the distinction in between firing the video on your own and also working with a specialist. You do not recognize how to make the movie appearance that shiny and also perfect – yet the specialists do! The best you can wish for is a respectable indie flick. Sure, every now and then a home-made music video comes along and also succeeds. Can you also believe of one (and, no, Fatboy Slim’s “Appreciation You” was NOT an indie video clip, the spending plan was really huge). Stick with the professionals. Let them do it all for you.

The solitary largest reason I would deter you from shooting your very own songs video is most likely not one you would certainly have guessed:


Movie staffs usually consist of twenty, thirty, or perhaps numerous individuals. There’s typically large quantities of power being run through thick cable televisions (frequently submerged in puddles) approximately precariously put up lights with a virtual windmill of large, exposed, sharp metal edges (and all this at concerning 600 degrees celcius). A film set is essentially a crash waiting to occur.

Plus, contributing to the fundamental dangers of a film set, video shoots have a tendency to be much more dangerous (music video productions do not have a tendency to have quite cash for things like safety and security experts and harness). Radical supervisors love to place their topics right into harm’s means. And also, on low-budget shoots, you can often hear points like: “We do not need a pricey car-mount – allow’s simply toss the cameraman on the hood! Don’t fret, we’ll link him down …”.

If you do choose to shoot your video clip on your own, just make certain no one journeys over a light stand! It can cost you your life savings.

Legit production business will certainly have manufacturing insurance that covers the workplace (this insurance policy would cost you around a couple of thousand bucks – just for the one video).

Professional producers as well as production managers will certainly have accessibility to better team members than you will. If you just have a thousand dollars to hire a supervisor of photography (cinematographer), I guarantee you I’ll have the ability to employ a FAR BETTER DoP than you will! Unless you have calls in the sector, you must probably think about employing a production company to do all the generating for you. You’ll obtain a much higher quality staff that way. If you need a Music for Videos please visit the link.

And, one last note …

If you’re shooting on 35mm film (which I strongly advise – unless there’s a GREAT factor not to), you’ll need to rent out an electronic camera that’s worth around half a million bucks! And also, that camera does not come with any lenses (or tripods, or dollies, or film magazines, and so on.). You’ll need to rent all that separately. Unless you have an EXTREMELY high restriction on your debt card, the video camera residence might not even be ready to rent out to you. You may also need to mortgage your residence to cover the deposit!

Developed production firms rent out electronic camera packages all the time (a decent music video package will certainly be at the very least 1 or 2 thousand bucks a day), and frequently obtain significant discount rates from the rental home that you wouldn’t be able to obtain. By going with a well established manufacturing company, you’ll actually be getting a significantly far better tools plan than if you had actually done it yourself (manufacturers also know how to get movie at regarding a quarter the cost you ‘d be able to).

Overall, you’ll get a much better bang-for-your-buck by working with an expert manufacturer or production firm to shoot your songs video clip for you. It will additionally conserve you an astonishing quantity of time as well as effort. And, in the end, isn’t that what you desire for your very first video clip: The abolute best music video possible?

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