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As you make your bed, you must lie on it. The almost infinite variety of bed systems and mattresses presents the person seeking peace and quiet with the agony of choice. To make the right decision, you have to be well rested.

Mr and Mrs Austrians spend an average of 7 hours and 12 minutes in bed each day. No wonder that so much attention is paid to horizontal furniture.

Anyone who has ever entered a specialized reclining studio or the mattress department of a large furniture store knows how the sheer unmanageable selection can really get you mixed up.

The industry has come up with a lot of ideas to guarantee a good night’s sleep. Some of them are quite comfortable and practical, many of them are dispensable.

For example, one should not expect that the right mattress will simply conjure away those annoying back problems. Also the opinion that a hard futon mattress is absolutely necessary for back pain is no longer shared by all orthopedists.

All good things come in threes
Basically, a bed consists of three components: bed frame, slatted frame and mattress. It does not necessarily need a computer-optimized bed system that is coordinated with each other.

An adaptable mattress on a well supported slatted frame will do. It is also important that the system is sufficiently ventilated. Therefore, the mattress should not be sealed on its underside by a closed bed construction (flat board, floor).

Quality not always dependent on price
The most expensive mattress is not necessarily the best. Expensive mattresses are often made of more valuable materials and are usually better manufactured.

However, the material has hardly any influence on the supporting properties – probably the most important quality criterion of a mattress.

In repeated quality tests by the renowned Stiftung Warentest, a relatively inexpensive mattress (model “Bodyguard”) has always won the race in recent years.

Those who cannot make up their mind: Some suppliers offer the possibility to take a mattress home for a test sleep. This way you can sleep for up to 100 nights to decide… Find out more information here:

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